Songwriting can be difficult.  Our creative services at Third Fret are here to help you write melodies and harmonies.  This is nothing new within the industry – nearly every commercial success employs a team of writers.  Unfortunately, that luxury is not available to most home recording artists.

We are here to help you.  Whether you need someone to bounce ideas back and forth with or to help you figure out why your melodies aren’t working.  We are also happy to write parts or even the whole melody line for your tracks, as well as writing harmonies and backing vocals.  We will send you an audio file of our ideas prior to the final product and 2 recalls will be offered with each purchase. 

Any new melody lines, harmonies or backing vocals will be transcribed and sent to you in a PDF format.  It is possible to provide example vocal tracks or midi based material if that is your preference. 

For instructions on how to upload your tracks, please visit our Uploading Instructions Page.

We ask you to get in touch before ordering this service.  We will provide you with an individualised quote after discussion of the project.


“Creation almost never occurs in isolation.  We all need to bounce ideas around from time to time.”

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