Good mixing is absolutely vital and can be one of the most important factors in making your track a commercial success.  We care about the quality and individuality of your tracks and do not routinely apply a set of effects as others might.  We want you to be a part of the mixing process and help us work to deliver a product you are happy with.  For this reason, a pre-bounce track is sent to you before you receive the final track and two recalls are offered as standard.  At Third Fret we offer transparent pricing for our products with no unexpected costs or hidden add ons.  We have two different mixing packages – Basic Mixing and Premium Mixing:

Basic Mixing includes:

  • Identifying and correcting problematic areas
  • Applying effects and dynamics 
  • Balancing the mix
  • A pre-bounce track in the form of an MP3 file will be sent for your approval before you receive your final mix.  The files will be provided in WAV, MP3 and AIFF.  
  • 2 recalls within 14 days of receiving your track

Premium Mixing  in addition to the above, includes:

  • A choice of file/additional files types (FLAC, AAC)
  • Purely instrumental backing track, acapella track, backing track for live performance
  • 4 recalls within 30 days of receiving you track

We appreciate that some mixes do not fit the standard mould.  We’re always happy to be contacted prior to purchasing a service to tailor a product to your individual needs.  Contact us on or check our FAQs.  For instructions on how to upload your tracks, please visit our Uploading Instructions Page.  For help with consolidating and preparing your stems, please visit our Consolidating Stems Page.

We offer a Mastering Service as well for an additional £20 per track.  Mastering involves ensuring that your track sounds good on a variety of platforms and devices.  It also involves making sure the dynamic range and loudness levels are suitable for both the track and the platforms it is on and balancing the EQ.  We offer to master tracks for iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

“Mixing isn’t all about process.  It’s where the personality of the engineer shines through.”

Please feel free to contact us at