Autotune/pitch-correction is readily available on all home recording software nowadays, making vocal tuning more accessible to the home recording artist.  Unfortunately, the reality is the software is still not advanced enough to reliably replace a skilled human being.  Often the result is a harsh, robotic tone that sits uncomfortably in the mix.  As trained musicians we can help you avoid all the inherent frustrations of autotune.  We will provide you with a musical and transparent vocal that is checked note by note by us, not a machine.  2 recalls will be included for each bought vocal tuning of a stem.

Occasionally, we come across tracks that are not possible to autotune – see our FAQs for details.  Those cases our technicians will contact you with possible solutions.  If we cannot tune your stem we will send you an email explaining the situation and possible solutions.

If you have more complex requirements than a single, main vocal/lead stem that you would like tuning (such as backing vocals), please do get in touch.  

Depending on the track and complexity, you can upload your files and a member of our team will evaluate them and notify you regarding their eligibility for tuning.  If you are at all unsure, it is always better to ask!  We can quote you a price that reflects the work but doesn’t overcharge.

“All our vocal tuning is by a trained musician that understands music theory and musicality.”

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