If your question is not answered within our FAQs, please do get in touch.

Can I buy extra recalls?

Each service has a certain number of recalls, so please ensure that you check the product descriptions carefully.  This can differ depending on which service you purchase so please check individual products.  If there are still some alterations you would like making to your track after the set number of recalls, you can buy more.  This will cost £20 per extra recall and can be bought here.

How do I upload my files?

We use wetransfer.com to upload your files.  It is really quick and easy.  You can find help with this on our upload page  which will guide you through the process.

How should I prepare my files?

We ask that the stems you send us are consolidated and named (you can find help doing this here).  It is important you follow the instructions for your DAW.  The less time we spend organising, the more time we can spend mixing!  The stems should be bounced individually in either WAV or AIFF format ensuring that all production and effects have been removed.  We also ask for you to supply a demo mix of your track with your processing and a reference track if applicable.  Please ensure that before bouncing none of the meters are in the red (clipping). 

Are refunds available?

We would hope that you are happy with your final track.  However, we understand that this is not always the case.  Unfortunately, a refund cannot be guaranteed in these situations, but we will do everything we reasonably can to meet your expectations.  We do encourage you to get in touch with us first so that our visions align and we can offer you the best service.

What if my requirements are more specific than your services?

Please get in touch!  We understand that not everyone will need exactly the same service and we want to tailor our service to you.  Let us know what you are wanting/needing and we will give you an individualised quote.

How long is the turnaround time?

The average turnaround time for all of our services is 7 days.  However, for larger projects this may be longer.  Please contact us if you have special requirements or deadlines as it may be possible to accommodate these.

Do you accept foreign currencies?

We do, but ask you to ensure that you take the exchange rate into account so that the price displayed or agreed for each service is fully met.

How does the recall system work?

If we send you an audition/pre-bounce track and you would like something changed, that will be your first recall.  After the change(s) has been made, we will send you a further audition/pre-bounce track.  Should that need further changes, that will be classified as your second recall and so on.  Please note that for some products the recall time is limited.

What is your policy on the storage of my files?

It is your responsibility to ensure you have copies of your files before you send them to us.  Please see ours terms and conditions.  Likewise, with the finished products, we will not necessarily store copies of these.