Here is some of the feedback we have received from our previous clients. We are delighted that they have been happy with the work done by Third Fret and pride ourselves in personalising our services to the person, helping them in the best way we can.

“Georgina is an inspiring young lady with a great ear for mastering and mixing. A pleasure to work with. I’m excited to do more future work with Third Fret

-Essy Beth (Sophie Henderson)

“Great stuff Georgia does the business. Very helpful” (SIC)

-The ReBeaters (Peter Durr)

“I had an amazing experience with Third Fret. Georgina had me relaxed in no time and helped me with some vocal warm ups too. Extremely professional and yet fun at the same time. The result is 3 songs which Third Fret produced the music for and the mix. I love the end result. thank you so much!! X” 

-Melanie Wilson

“I worked with George on my EP, “take a Beat”, and she truly transformed the songs to a standard that we were both so proud of. She has a great ear and contributed so many great additions that elevated my songs. And when I wasn’t recording, she was working incredibly hard on mixing and mastering the EP to the highest quality. She’s such a talent and I look forward to working with her again. Thank you George!”

-Ben Rowe

“I had an amazing experience working with Third Fret for my song “Kaleidoscope”. Georgina has great talent and skill, she has captured the emotion of the song perfectly and really took the song up to a new level! I definitely look forward to working with her again in the future.”

-Regina Fae