Third Fret: An online music production company owned by George Agombar (UK music producer)

Third Fret delivers a first class service to all its clients.  We specialise in online vocal tuning services, mixing and remixing.  We also provide a range of creative services. We have a constantly growing client base and can provide you with fast turnarounds. 

Our products are aimed principally at home recording musicians with specialised products aimed at more established artists and recording studios.

Home recording has opened up the opportunity for musicians to become engineers and engineers to become musicians, but sometimes it’s hard to be a master of both.  Here at Third Fret we offer services to help musicians and engineers realise their final product and take away the stress and frustration.

You will experience a personalised process that is driven and delivered by musicians rather than engineers.  We understand the creative process and that’s what really separates us from other online services.

We want to deliver value for money and have a transparent charging process. We don’t want any hidden extras.  That’s why we encourage you to contact us if you have any doubts.