Due to the large size of most files, most email inboxes do not allow them to be attached and sent.  This is why we ask you to send your files via wetransfer.com.  It is a completely free and easy site to use. 

Visit the site clicking this link and you will be directed to a screen similar to this:

Select the files you wish to upload.  There is a maximum attachment size of 2GB so you may need to send separate messages.  In your message, please include your name, the song title of the attachment and a brief description of what you would like doing/the service you have bought.  

In the “Email to” field, please type in the appropriate email address from:

  • vocaltuning@thirdfretltd.com
  • mixing@thirdfretltd.com
  • remixing@thirdfretltd.com
  • analysis@thirdfretltd.com
  • production@thirdfretltd.com
  • transcription@thirdfretltd.com
  • creative@thirdfreltd.com
  • vocalist@thirdfretltd.com
  • enquiries@thirdfretltd.com
 We hope to hear from you soon.