Taking an idea from concept to finished product or anything in-between. Please contact us to get a quote.

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This service is provided to help you take an idea from concept to the final product or anywhere in-between.

Production, in its broadest sense, encompasses overseeing the writing, arranging and recording of a song.  It can also involve the booking and co-ordination of practice and studio time and ensuring that projects come in on budget.

We are here to help you with some or all of this process.  We can help with the preplanning, the minimisation of studio time and overseeing the mixing and mastering process.

We are strong advocates of smart working techniques and would be sure to maximise your productivity using technology and good communication to minimise the amount of expense for you.  This would include virtual (skype/facetime) meetings/practice and writing.

This service would be charged at a working hourly rate and travel expenses where necessary would be taken into account.  For these reasons, we ask you to get in touch to discuss the service you require and we will provide an individualised quote for this.


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