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Maybe your song isn’t working in the current style it’s in.  Perhaps you want a dance version or to simply have your ideas reimagined by another musician.  Third Fret will help you develop your ideas, provide the creative and technical support to realise your aims and liaise with you every step of the way with our remixing service.

Changes in technology have lead to a huge explosion in home recording and production.  However, this has also led to artists often working in complete isolation.  At Third Fret we hope to alter this trend by offering affordable, collaborative remixing services.

As this is a very personalised process, we will ask you to get in touch, explaining what you would like us to do with your track and we will give you an individualised quote.  We really want to make sure you spend your money wisely in what is a very subjective and creative process.  For this reason we would encourage you to contact us and have a chat about your vision.

Please find instructions on how to prepare your stems for this service on our Uploading Instructions Page and how to consolidate/prepare your tracks on our Consolidating Stems Page.


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